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Constantly, people ask us what can be done according to the hours you want to enjoy on your yacht rental in Puerto Vallarta. Here we list some of the places to visit according to the most popular hourly packages.

It’s important to always keep in mind the time allocated to experiencing the great adventure of sailing. A moment of relaxation with only the sound of the wind propelling you.

4-hour Yacht Charter

Among the recommended options, which are also the most popular, you can choose the combination that suits you best:

Los Arcos: An excellent spot for snorkeling. Los Arcos are rocky formations protruding from the sea, home to thousands of birds and underwater, thousands of fish. With our catamaran, you can easily get in and out of the water, allowing you to snorkel with breaks to avoid fatigue.

Malecón: Why not pass by the Malecón and appreciate all of Puerto Vallarta from the sea? It’s a scenery you wouldn’t want to miss.

Paredón: A pristine beach with a magnificent natural rock wall, perfect for your photos.

Playa Colomitos / Madagascar: A beautiful hidden mini-beach where you can peacefully enter the water and even swim to the shore. Sometimes Playa Colomitos gets crowded, so why not go to Playa Madagascar right next to it, where you will likely have it all to yourself.

Playa Las Estacas (in front of the Hyatt Ziva): If you’re looking for calm waters to swim, launch the paddleboards into the water, and enjoy with your friends, this is the place. Very tranquil waters and breathtaking landscapes.

6-hour Yacht Charter

You can engage in activities from the 4-hour Yacht Charter package and enjoy more time for each one. This is highly recommended when you want to savor your time without rushing against the clock.

Playa Quimixto: Quimixto is a paradisiacal beach on the Pacific coast of Mexico, known for its crystal-clear waters and golden sand. You can reach this natural gem by boarding a yacht or boat. Once on the beach, you can embark on a trail exploration to hidden waterfalls just 10 minutes away through its tropical jungles. Tip: Eat at the local restaurants.

Playa Caballo: Caballo is a perfect destination for those who wish to enjoy the tranquility and serenity of the ocean. Surrounded by lush vegetation and stunning cliffs, it offers a perfect setting to enjoy your day.

Playa Piramide: This one is personally my favorite. A small beach far enough to be alone, well-protected from the waves, and with an abandoned structure where you can climb to have a better panoramic view of the surroundings. On the opposite side of the structure, there is a large natural stone wall in the shape of a pyramid (hence the name of the beach), where you can climb and dive from a height of 5 meters!

8-hour Yacht Charter

As mentioned before, it is also recommended to plan based on the previous packages, allowing much more time for each activity, making the enjoyment incomparable.

Playa Yelapa: Yelapa is a hidden paradise accessible only by yacht or boat. Its natural beauty and adventurous atmosphere make it a unique destination. If, after the boat ride, you feel like taking a jungle walk, Yelapa has a waterfall that can be reached within a 1-hour hike. In general, it is characterized by a tranquil and relaxed atmosphere, away from the city noise, where you can enjoy delicious local food at beachfront restaurants or simply relax under the sun.

This time is also perfect if you plan to visit any beach club, as you will have navigation time to arrive at your favorite place with the best atmosphere with already some miles sales and good drinks!