Yacht Charter for Your wedding Proposal

Take your marriage proposal to unparalleled heights with our Yacht Rental Marriage Proposal experience in Puerto Vallarta. Envision asking the most significant question of your life aboard a luxurious yacht, surrounded by awe-inspiring views.
Select from intimate boats to opulent vessels, sail through picturesque waters, and meticulously plan the perfect moment with our expert team. Enhance the experience with personalized touches like flowers, candles, and music for a unique and unforgettable proposal. Kneel against the stunning seascape, and after the joyous acceptance, continue the celebration on board, savoring the remainder of your engagement cruise together.
Craft your love story into something truly extraordinary with our Yacht Rental Marriage Proposal experience – where dreams set sail.

What can you expect

When planning a yacht rental wedding proposal, there are several things you can expect and consider:

Celebration Afterward

Consider how you’ll celebrate after the proposal. Whether it’s continuing the yacht cruise, enjoying a meal on board, or heading to a special location, plan something special to commemorate the engagement.

Special Touches

Personalize the experience with special touches such as flowers, music, and perhaps even a romantic meal on board. These details can enhance the overall atmosphere and make the proposal more memorable.


Plan the logistics of getting to and from the yacht, including transportation for both you and your partner. Ensure that you have all the necessary details and instructions for the day.

Luxurious Amenities

Depending on the type of yacht and package chosen, you can expect luxurious amenities. This may include comfortable seating, entertainment systems, catering services, and even onboard staff to assist with the festivities.

Scenic Views

One of the main advantages of a yacht party is the opportunity to enjoy beautiful views. Whether you’re cruising along the coastline or anchored in a picturesque location, the setting can be breathtaking.

Photography and Documentation

Consider hiring a photographer or arranging for someone to capture the moment. We can offer photography services, or you can hire a professional photographer separately.

What activities can I do during a Yacht Rental Wedding Proposal

A yacht rental wedding proposal provides a romantic and intimate setting, and there are various activities you can incorporate to make the experience even more special:


Private Dinner

Arrange for a private dinner on the yacht. This could be a gourmet meal prepared by a chef on board or catered from a restaurant. A candlelit dinner under the stars can be incredibly romantic.

Champagne Toast

Celebrate the moment with a champagne toast. You can have the champagne ready for the proposal or have it brought out immediately afterward to commemorate the engagement.

Photography Session

Capture the special moment and the joyous celebration that follows by hiring a professional photographer. Many yacht charter companies offer photography services, or you can hire someone independently.


If you're on the yacht during the evening, take advantage of the clear night sky for some stargazing. It adds a touch of magic to the atmosphere.

Proposal Video

Consider creating a video message or proposal video to play on the yacht's entertainment system. This can be a heartfelt message or a compilation of memories you've shared.

Private Chef Experience

If the yacht has a kitchen or you can arrange for a chef on board, consider a private cooking experience. This could involve cooking a special meal together or having a chef prepare a personalized menu.